VacStar 40 VS40

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Air Techniques -VACSTAR  VS40
Max. Users: 3 Voltage (+/- 10%):220. Dimensions WxHxD (in):17 x 11 x 11 . Water Flow
Rate (gpm):0.75 Circuit Breaker (A):20.


More Performance. Less Water. Less Energy.
VacStar liquid-ring vacuums have been trusted by dentists since 1986 and still deliver best-in-class performance. The VacStar and VacStar NEO systems allow dental offices to consistently obtain the highest suction power while maintaining a space-saving, compact design. With water and energy savings in mind, our liquid ring vacuums are designed specifically to reduce your utility bill and promote an eco-conscious operating environment for your business. Both VacStar series can be sized to fit any practice from one to seven users and are fully expandable for even larger practices.